Online Poker: Why You Should Choose It Over Live

Poker is one of the world’s most popular card and casino games. Ever since its beginning in the 1800s, the game has only gotten better with time. It has become a worldwide phenomenon, a far cry from its start as a pastime of gamblers and card sharks.

The game has changed countless things, such as its strategy. One of the biggest reasons for poker’s success is the fact that it makes use of technological advancements.

A notable example of this is the creation of hole card cameras. They revolutionized competitive poker, transforming it into an exciting spectator sport. Viewers gained insight into the players’ thought processes by displaying the pros’ hole cards on the live broadcast. Hole card cameras are a significant reason for competitive poker’s popularity.

Besides, the single biggest advancement in poker is the invention of online poker. It made poker the giant it is today, with over 100 million players worldwide online. In this article, we’ll discuss why poker players prefer playing online.

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Online poker’s biggest strength is its convenience compared to live. For live poker, you must plan a trip to your nearest casino and go there. It’s usually a long drive, and most casinos don’t have much variety in stakes and poker variants.

With online poker, you can play at the push of a button. You only need a device with an internet connection to connect to the poker site. You don’t need a computer; mobile apps allow you to play from anywhere.

You also don’t need to drive or clear out a chunk of your schedule since you play from your home. The streamlined nature of online poker also means you have a ton of variety for game types and stakes.

Cash games can go as low as $0.01/$0.02 online, and there are numerous obscure poker variants you can experience. Online poker gives you so much more options; if you can’t find a site offering what you want, there’s always another

Faster pace

Because of online poker’s digital nature, games are much faster-paced. The dealer doesn’t need to shuffle cards as the site’s software handles that automatically. You don’t need to count chips thoroughly either; calls and bets can be made immediately without the risk of any miscounts.

This faster pace is a net benefit in almost every way. You get more games in less time, allowing you to get your poker fix even with a tight schedule. Experienced players can earn more playing online poker, and beginners can learn quicker by playing more games.


Poker is naturally a social game, but online poker can be a great alternative for those on the introverted side. In a live casino, it’s common to have players chatting over the table and bantering. While a casino can be an excellent place to meet new people, some players aren’t into that.

Online poker allows for total anonymity at the table. Players can go the whole game without any chatting if they want to focus. While there are chat rooms on most poker sites, any troublesome players can be muted with a click.

Online poker also works well for those who dislike the casino atmosphere. Many other casino games attempt to trick you into gambling away your money when you only want to play poker. Smoking is also common at live casinos, giving you more reason to choose online.


Another benefit of online poker for serious players is multi-tabling, the ability to play multiple games at once. This can be a fantastic way to maximize your income; if you’re good enough to win while multi-tabling, you can exponentially increase your profits.

However, it’s crucial to remember multi-tabling is for experienced players, and it isn’t a simple multiplier to your earnings. Your gameplay quality will inevitably decrease as you play more games simultaneously. Multi-tabling can take a while to get the hang of, but it can be an incredibly potent way to earn more.

Poker tracking software

Online poker also comes with access to poker tracking software. This matches, giving you detailed insights into your gameplay that you can’t find alone.

They can display helpful statistics about your playstyle, like how aggressive you are and how many hands you play. This can allow you to find mistakes in your poker strategy you would never have before.

The best part about poker tracking software is that it tracks your opponents too. As you play more games against the same players, you can learn more about them and their playstyles. You can then adapt your strategy to exploit them, such as bluffing more frequently against tight players who don’t play many hands.

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Play online poker today!

We hope this article helped you understand why people prefer online poker. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, we recommend trying it if you haven’t already. Many poker sites offer bonuses for signing up, and if you don’t like a particular site, you have infinite options. If you can’t access a site due to regional restrictions, consider picking up a VPN.